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Our Debt Management Course is ideal for business professionals and the self-employed, as it explores and explains the key tools and processes available to help them, or their employers and clients, to avoid financial problems and non-payment issues.

Focusing on the core principles and disciplines any business or commercial enterprise need to ensure or maintain financial equilibrium, the skills gained on this course are highly transferable and extremely attractive to prospective employers.

This highly practical and stimulating Level 3 Debt Management course gives learners a solid grounding in credit control and debt management and is particularly well suited to employees wanting to gain knowledge to advance their positions within a busy finance department, or finance managers who need to bring new employees ‘up-to-speed quickly.

Debt management course students learn how to cut down on credit, reduce bad debt and understand the internal calculation of discounts. Learners also study effective credit control processes. The course teaches them how to carry out credit checks, how to analyze outstanding debt, and secure positive cash flow.

Freelancers and the self-employed also love the course, finding it particularly useful. They know, often from unfortunate previous experience, that when a customer doesn’t pay, it affects their own ability to meet bills and make payments.

This debt management course explains the legal recovery processes available when this situation occurs, along with other means of recovering owed money. It explores insolvency and bankruptcy procedures, ensuring learners are aware of and compliant with legal processes, which helps them to secure the highest dividend from administrators and receivers should one of their customers, or those they’re managing for their employer or client, fall into difficulties.

All students are supplied a comprehensive study guide to make the course as accessible as possible.

If you opt for the fully managed service, your students receive full tutor support, secure access to our pioneering Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and certification once completed. We are a Focus Awards Approved Centre; Focus Awards is the leading UK awarding organization, regulated by Ofqual.

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Our Level 3 Debt Management course is one of our most successful offerings, and is consistently in high demand.

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