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The Debt Management is all about ensuring you only borrow money when you need to, you get it at the lowest rate of interest you can negotiate, and you can make the repayments without damaging your lifestyle or putting yourself and those you care for at risk. Essentially, debt management is financial risk management.

Unless you’re incredibly wealthy and have lots of cash (or its equivalent) available, it can be difficult to buy large assets such as a home or a car without incurring some debt.

As Dickens’ Mr. Micawber said in David Copperfield “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six (£19.97), result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six (£20.03), result misery.”

Responsible borrowing that incorporates debt repayments within routine expenditure (ensuring there is money left at month end) avoids Charles Dickens’ definition of misery…

The Level 3 Debt Management course from Resell Our Courses is perfect for training providers and distance learning establishments to offer to their students and learners. The course appeals to people setting up their own business, those wanting to work in the commercial finance sector, or somebody who needs to gain a better understanding of the subject.

They learn how to cut down on credit, reduce the incidence of bad debt and even manage the internal calculations of discounts. They also study effective credit control processes, how to carry out credit checks, how to analyse outstanding debt, and how to secure and maintain healthy, monitored, positive cash flow.

Freelancers and the self-employed find aspects of the course particularly useful. They know only too well that when a customer doesn’t pay, it affects your ability to meet your bills and make payments. This course explains the legal recovery processes available to you when this situation occurs, along with other means of recovering owed money.

The Level Debt Management course available from Resell Our Courses (https://resellourcourses.com) comes with all the materials you need to successfully deliver the training to your students and learners and can also be provided with full tutor support – marking, assessment and feedback – and full certification on completion, including an endorsed qualification certificate from a leading UK Awarding Organisation.

If you need it, Resell Our Courses can even provide a remote virtual learning environment and delivery system and have more than 120 courses in several business sectors available to you. Why write your own and incur the hassle and debt?

For More Info: https://resellourcourses.com

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