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The recent consultation on mandatory vaccination for the UK has massively impacted the health and social care sector, and potentially affects the stability of business and commerce and the wider economy.

Whilst still undecided in terms of outcome, the UK Government decided to restrict implementation of the mandatory vaccination program only to those working in care homes in England. Workers from that specific sub-sector may be required to either accept vaccination or lose their jobs. For all other employees, it would be a personal choice as to whether they wish to be vaccinated or not. In addition, the UK government has so far ruled out making vaccination a requirement for the adult population at large.

Many business and commerce employers outside the healthcare provider sector are also concerned about the potential ‘knock-on’ impact on their clients and staff.  Some are still hesitant to interact with non-vaccinated individuals, not just among staff but also between staff, vendors, visitors, and customers.

In whatever industry you occupy as part of the business and commerce space, as long as there is physical interaction people may still be uncomfortable whether they are pro or anti-vaccination.

There are different risks involved, not just in health, but also with the possibility of indirect discrimination or unfair dismissal. Data protection implications must also be considered.

Business and commerce are constants and will always be essential elements in every country’s economy. It is important that all parties to the ‘social contract’ that facilitates business and commerce play their roles to the best of their ability to maintain a strong and sustainable economy.

Education also plays a huge part in business and commerce and underpins all sections of the economy. Since the pandemic started, the increase in the need for distance learning has mushroomed. Many entrepreneurs have begun to move into this space, but most have neither the resources nor infrastructure to properly compete.

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