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Resell our courses provide a business and commerce course for anyone who is interested in owning a business or learning how to financially manage the accounts. For business and commerce, it has been a really difficult time for businesses due to covid 19 as a lot of them, have become affected in their sales, within this course you will learn how to manage your sales and accounts.

Business and commerce courses will cover accounting, debt management, employment law, entrepreneurship, freelance journalism, human resources, human resources management, a certificate in principles of business and administration, management studies, project management, public services, retail management, virtual assistant, and events management all these subjects will give you a solid background knowledge opening doors in the near future.


You will also be given a solid understanding of management and how to run a business efficiently. You will also learn all the health and safety regulations that you will need to know to keep a professional and safe environment for your business or a business you are working for.

You can also study this course online through VLE (Virtual Learning Environment allows you to also access support from your tutor and interact with students who are studying the same course. Support is provided at all times, you can access this through a 1-1 with your tutor which you can schedule and any convenient time or you can access the support team who would be happy to help. Just because you are learning from a distance doesn’t mean that you have to learn alone. This enhances opportunities for all students who had disadvantages in the past.

All of the students that enroll in a course at Resell our courses will receive access to our online student portal called (I Learn It Easy), where you can submit your course work, contact your tutor or other students within your course.

Once you enroll in a course at resell our courses you will be given an option to pay for the course in full or to take advantage of our monthly installments that may be more convenient for you financially, the college provides this option as it gives more students the opportunity to study a course that they have a real passion for.

If you would like to enroll in a business and commerce course, you will need to visit the resell our courses website and click enroll now.


Enroll now, what are you waiting for?

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